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Anti-Inflammatory Diet

ד״ר תל-אורן בהרצאה על תזונה אנטי-דלקתית - מה מומלץ לאכול על מנת להימנע מדלקתיות כללית בגוף. ההרצאה באנגלית. What should we eat to avoid excessive inflammation.

Top Foods for Optimal Health, Longevity, & Detoxification

Find out here why the concept of "Nutrient Necessity" is just as important as "Nutrient Density", and what foods should really be called "Superfoods".  Also discussed are why you should AVOID agave nectar, why you should INCLUDE fat, salt, and fruit into your diet, and what other plant molecules you may be missing. This is his second lecture given on Sunday Sept...